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1. Provide a design that has been created on a design program or have

     one of our experienced designers take care of it for you. 

2. Knowing where your design will be placed. How large or small your

     design will be and what type of shirts you want printed.

3. Allow at the least 10 business days from your order confirmation

     deposit to the order being completed. 

4. Call ahead of time to check with availability of shirts and talk about

     the process needed to fulfill your order at a deadline that can be met.

     Planning your print job ahead of time can save you from getting

     exactly what you don't want.


Getting exactly what you don't want can happen very easily. Well, who's fault is it? In most cases it's the customers fault. YES we said it!

We will explain on what NOT to do and how to be ready and prepared when placing your t-shirt order.

1.Images provided by customers are not properly designed.

​     By providing a low resolution image, for example a jpg image (picture

     image) most times downloaded from a search engine. The image will

     not hold detail when scaling to fit a desired size to be printed resulting

     with an image that has a pixelated look. Images found online may not

     be properly color separated when using a multi color design, due to the

     poor quality of the design. To avoid this problem always provide

     an image or design that has been created on a design software or by one

     of our experienced designers.

2. Rush orders are placed with a strict deadline.

     This also falls in line with poor design quality. When placing a rushed

     order with a poor quality design it will always result in a printed

     shirt with a design quality that doesn't look like how it should.  When

     needing a order rushed be sure that you have the type of shirt that you

     want printed and a design that has been properly designed. You must

     also consider and be prepared for shirts possibly being out of stock.

     Having a few different shirt options can help when items are out of


3. Not being clear on what you're looking to acquire.

     We deal with this many times. A customer that knows what they want

     but doesn't know how they want it and needs it in three days. By

     contacting      us and planning out what you want to achieve with your

     design idea and type of shirts you're looking to get will help to keep the

     process as smooth and painless as possible.